Welcome to TerraSan

Building world-class businesses

TerraSan is a South African investment group which holds investments in the pelagic fishing, mariculture, agriculture and property industries.

Since its inception, the original underlying founding aim has been in adding value to Southern Africa’s southwest coast marine resources as well as participating in sustainable development projects in the area by investing in productive assets.


If you would like to invest in the TerraSan Group, please keep an eye on our share trading page for investment opportunities. Contact our Company Secretary during office hours for more information.

Company Secretary: Ronett Brook

Tel:+27 21 930 5023
Email: ronett@terrasan.co.za




Aqunion is one of the world’s leading abalone farming businesses, formed by the union of three well-known South African abalone businesses, namely Roman Bay Sea Farm, Aquafarm Development and SPP Canning. TerraSan also owns a controlling stake in Marifeed, an aquafeed manufacturer located in Hermanus.



As the largest South African producer, Blue Ocean Mussels supplies over 50% of the South African market and with its aggressive growth strategy aims to displace imports and be the preferred supplier of a wide variety of mussel products.


Pelagic Fish

TerraSan Pelagic Fishery holds a pelagic fishing quota and owns two fishing vessels, the MFV TerraSan 1 and the MFV Doloreze. Where possible, other quota holders are accommodated and their fish is also processed at the Oranjevis factory in St. Helena Bay.


Natural Food Resources

TerraSan’s Natural Food Resources subsidiary is always looking at new opportunities to supply the local and international market with uniquely South African and African food products. If you have such a product or looking for something get in contact with us.

Corporate Social Investment

As a company, we support organisations in the communities where we operate. Our top priority is always education – more specifically in the form of financial support to the local primary and secondary schools that our employees’ children attend.

However, from time to time we also invest time and resources in other sectors that are closely related to our business activities or employees.