The TerraSan Group consists of various subsidiaries, most notably Aqunion, Marifeed and Blue Ocean Mussels, with interests in pelagic fishing, the mariculture industry and property.

Our fishing activities relate to the catching and further processing of sardine and anchovy, mainly along the West Coast. Our mariculture activities include abalone farming at Hermanus and Gansbaai in the Western Cape Overberg Region and mussel farming at Saldanha Bay on the West Coast.

The Group’s property investment comprises of an office complex in Plattekloof, Cape Town, a fishing equipment store and workshop, as well as a factory for the processing of mussels, both situated in Velddrif.

The TerraSan Group provides its subsidiaries with centralised secretarial, management, HR, IT and accounting services from an office located in Plattekloof, Cape Town. Furthermore, it also provides treasury and property services to the Group.




Aqunion is one of the world’s leading abalone farming businesses. Headquartered in Hermanus, South Africa, the business represents a union of three well-known South African abalone businesses, namely Roman Bay Sea Farm, Aquafarm Development and SPP Canning.

Aqunion offers a full aquaculture value chain, including abalone farming, processing, marketing and export of both wild and farmed South African abalone.

The TerraSan Abalone Division was established in 1994 with the development of its first farm in Hermanus. Aquafarm Development was the first abalone farm to export commercial quantities of farmed abalone to Hong Kong in 1998 and the division has since developed a strong and reliable sales network in Asia. The division’s sales are focussed on Asian markets and currently supply countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.



TerraSan has a 51% shareholding in Marifeed (Pty) Ltd, an aquafeed manufacturer situated in Hermanus that places a high value on research and continuously strives to improve the performance of their feed.

Marifeed manufactures Abfeed, an advanced aquafeed produced to a specialised formulation, which improves the growth of abalone cost-effectively. Abfeed has exceptional water stability and is used successfully by most South African abalone farmers, sometimes in combination with kelp.


Blue Ocean Mussels

TerraSan holds a 100% shareholding in Blue Ocean Mussels (Pty) Ltd, South Africa’s premium mussel farm and processing factory located in Saldanha Bay and Velddrif, respectively.

As the largest South African producer, Blue Ocean Mussels supplies over 50% of the South African market, with an aggressive growth strategy that aims to displace imports and be the preferred supplier of a wide variety of mussel products.

TerraSan has positioned mussel cultivation as a perfect opportunity to create long term sustainable job opportunities in a coastal community, combating declining fish resource in the poverty stricken areas along the West Coast.



TerraSan Pelagic Fishery holds a pelagic fishing quota and owns two fishing vessels, the MFV TerraSan 1 and the MFV Doloreze. Where possible, other quota holders are accommodated and their fish is also processed at the Oranjevis factory in St. Helena Bay, in which TerraSan Pelagic Fishery holds a share through a joint venture agreement with Pioneer Fishing West Coast (Pty) Ltd.

The joint venture operates in the fish processing and freezing plant of Sea Pride Processors (Pty) Ltd. in which TerraSan has a 28,515% shareholding. Sea Pride also holds a 51% interest in the Paraclete, a vessel that fishes horse mackerel in Namibia.

TerraSan Pelagic Fishery also has catching agreements with B-BBEE private boat owners, affording access to additional fishing vessels.


Over the years TerraSan, through its various investments, businesses and management, has built long term national and international relationships. This has allowed us to expand our product offering, providing a bigger basket of goods accompanied with world-class customer service through TerraSan Natural Food Resources.