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Chairman’s report 2020

2020 required significant changes in how we work and live. These major shifts were especially evident in our aquaculture’s dominant foodservice sector shifting supply to the retail sector. Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Group demonstrated its resilience and agility in protecting our employees and sustaining our operations.

Our Investments


Aqunion is one of the world's leading abalone farming businesses. Headquartered in Hermanus, South Africa, the business represents a union of three well-known South African abalone businesses, namely Roman Bay Sea Farm, Aquafarm Development and SPP Canning.


As the largest South African mussel producer, Blue Ocean Mussels supplies over 50% of the South African market, with an aggressive growth strategy that aims to displace imports and be the preferred supplier of a wide variety of mussel products.

Saldanha Protein

Saldanha Protein creates one of South Africa’s favourite canned fish brands, Saldanha Pilchards. In addition to this, the factory West Point Processors also produces high quality Fish Meal and Fish Oil for local and export markets. With decades of success in the fishing industry, Saldanha Protein fits in perfectly within the Terrasan Group.


Marifeed manufactures Abfeed, an advanced aquafeed produced to a specialised formulation, which improves the growth of abalone cost-effectively. Abfeed has exceptional water stability and is used successfully by most South African abalone farmers, sometimes in combination with kelp.


Through sound investments and centralised services, the Terrasan group has continued to yield great success for its stakeholders.

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